Advisory and Analysis

Whether it is a new venture for a company or an established product line, all businesses revolve around rules, processes and methodologies. At Symient, we help clients identify their strategic needs, and from there, analyze the underlying processes in order to define an executable plan that realizes management’s vision into reality.

Our approach to any client has always started from the everyday issue and concern. To get the big picture of any company, we gain an understanding of the business from the bottom up. With this knowledge, we expand the scope of our analysis to the current market, to the competitors, to the customers and within the established organization itself. If there are ideas, we help refine them. If there are plans, we help give them form.

Charting the course is only half of what Symient provides. We provide our clients guidance on execution. Initiatives that take the client to achieving their goals are presented in the form of a roadmap. We highlight the necessary milestones that move our clients from assessments into action – from advice into results.

Strategic advice and analysis that we can help you assess and identify:

  • Opportunities for streamlined and simplified operations
  • Prospects for consolidation, removal of duplicate functions and sharing of resources between departments and divisions of a company
  • Prioritizing the importance of different components of an organization
  • Effectiveness and efficiencies of current business processes and practices
  • Forecast the viability of existing capacity and infrastructure for future growth

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