Business Intelligence

Information empowers business leaders to make better informed decisions. Symient provides a comprehensive suite of business intelligence products that works with the client’s existing services. Many companies already collect data, but not all companies are utilizing this information to its full potential. We assist the client in accessing, assembling, cleansing and organizing relevant data into meaningful analysis.

Analysis of disparate information sources can combine into powerful business intelligence dashboards and portals. With these, the building blocks towards a clear picture of the organization. No longer will business strategy be decided in the dark, and the company becomes more agile.

Our business intelligence capabilities can enable you to:

  • Identify key performance metrics within the organization
  • Turn information stored in existing systems into knowledge
  • Become more agile through the use of accurate projections and planning figures
  • Track customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • Decrease reliance on IT departments for day to day reporting needs

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